Day 1

Time Link to Event Speakers Event Description
10:30AM-10:40AM Opening Address from Chair Nima Macci
11:00AM-12:00PM Cultures of Innovation: Indigenous Voices in Energy Deanna Burgartt Join Indigeneer, Deanna Burgart, in this interactive session that will cultivate a sense of cultural safety and ethical space for participants to explore ethical and meaningful ways to create space for Indigenous voices. Attendees will be invited to explore the role that they can play in inclusion of Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing in engineering and energy.
12:00PM-1:00PM Energy Literacy and the Future of Canadian Energy Victoria Wallace Join geologist and energy advocate Victoria Wallace in this educational session learning about the ins-and-outs of the energy industry. Attendees will gain a better understanding of common terms, topics, and current events within the industry, along with a clear and broad perspective on the future of the Canadian energy sector and their place within it.
1:00PM-2:00PM Data Analytics and AI in the Energy Sector Michael O'Connell We make decisions in the moment, informed by data that accumulates on various time scales. Technologies that support this decision-making provide data access, data preparation, feature engineering, feature & model selection, explainability, visual analytics, and targeted app development and deployment.
This presentation covers innovative methods for data management and analytics in context of energy and technology. The TIBCO Spotfire analytics environment is featured, including inbuilt and linked data management and data science technologies with a highly interactive, visual end-user experience.
2:00PM-3:00PM Cultures of Innovation: Diversity and Inclusion in Business Caralyn Bennett

Annie Korver

Kudjo Fiakpui

Jennifer Turner

Laura McIntyre
Diversity and inclusion are buzzwords that have risen to prominence, especially in the last few years - but what does it really mean? How has it gone from a concept to reality and been implemented practically within business?
Join us for an illuminating discussion on social innovation in industry, and the shfits that business and technology leaders have made going forward to a more progressive future.
3:00PM-4:00PM Technology Industry Showcase Warren Chung

Madison Savilow

Sean Collins

Steve MacKay
[Well] SELEX-Asp: Cleaner Oil, Fewer Pipelines, More Value
[Carbon Upcycling Technologies] Carbon Capture and Upcycling using Solid Nanoparticles
[SkillStruct]The Integration of Technology Consulting in the Resource Sector
[Canadial Natural] Industrial Use of Holograms and VR
4:00PM-5:00PM Insight and Guidance for the Next Generation of Technology Leaders Keng Chung

Gerald Desrochers
Current industry leaders aim to provide the next generation of energy innovators, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs with practical knowledge that will prepare them for their journey ahead, based on their own experience within the energy sector.
5:00PM-7:300PM Networking Fair

The ASEC virtual networking fair will feature representatives from companies all over the energy sector, from industry giants such as Cenovus, to leading green tech companies such as GreenGate Power, to innovative software developers such as WhiteWhale AI, and everyone in between!

The event will be held online with drop-in/drop-out virtual tables, for participants to gain an intimate discussion with all attending companies.

Day 2

Time Event Speakers Event Description
8:50AM-9:00AM Schulich School of Engineering Address Bill Rosehart Opening Address for the final day of the conference, from Associate Dean Sherry Weaver, Dean Bill Rosehart, and Mayor Naheed Nenshi
9:00AM-9:10AM Haskayne School of Business Address Sherry Weaver
9:10AM-9:20AM Mayor Naheed Nenshi Address Mayor Naheed Nenshi
9:30AM-10:30AM Optimism for the Future of Energy Erik Allan

Liz Lappin

Mark Le Dain

Kevin Krausert
Hear from the next generation of thought leadership in Energy as they speak to their individual journeys, lessons learned, and all the reasons they are inspired to create a new energy future in Alberta. Our speakers will deliver a TED-esque style speech that will leave the listeners more informed, hopeful, and inspired about the opportunities for Alberta in the energy transition.
10:30AM-11:30AM Renewable Energy Transition in the Mainstream Chris Brown

Jordan Balaban

Roslyn McMann

Graeme Harrison

Dan Chapman
Hear from the current leading technology leaders pushing forward the renewable energy transition in Canada. The panelists will discuss current renewable energy solutions, projects, as well as new opportunities for students going into the workforce.
11:30AM-12:30PM ESG and the Equitable Origins Certification Brandon Holterman

Marie Jurcevic

Philippe Lanthier

Jan Gorski

Heather Jones
The responsible procurement of natural gas initiative aims to promote business relations with proactive and responsible gas producers who are committed to being transparent and have demonstrated leadership in implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices. Ultimately, the use of these best practices will help to reduce the environmental footprint of natural gas.
This first of its kind initiative, is the result of extensive collaboration between four parties – Enerigr, the Pembina Institute, Equitable Origins and Seven Generations Energy, with diverse perspectives and a shared vision to address the concerns of their stakeholders. The initiative is intended to help foster further discussions with various stakeholder groups about the role of responsibly developed natural gas in the transition toward a low-carbon economy. In this session, we will outline the initiative from the perspective of all parties and discuss the future of responsible natural gas as we hit the one year milestone of this accomplishment.
12:30PM-1:30PM Data Anayltics Applications in Energy Panel Discussion

Learn more about how data analytics is pushing the energy industry forward, as well as what sort of analytical skills employers are looking for from new graduates!

1:30PM-2:30PM Panel Discussion: Going from Researcher to CEO Dr. Steven Bryant

Brandy Kinkead (Pilapil)

Paula Berton

David Yiptong

Ali Telmaderreie
Panel discussion shedding light on the journey of graduate or post-graduate research becoming entrepenuers and initiatiating start up businesses to aid energy producers in Canada meet the demands of ESG regulations through the use of the technology they have developed in the lab and patented. Will speak on the innovation ecosystem that currently exists in Calgary and will provide greater insights on the supports and resources available for students looking to gain hands on experience with innovation and entrepenurial thinking, providing them will essential skills needed to tackle challenges facing the energy industry today
2:30PM-3:30PM Unconventional Resources Transitions Brad Hayes How do we move forward in the Energy Transition? We will examine two competing “Realities” used by people to support their viewpoints. Reality 1 sees measured change largely governed by market forces, while Reality 2 demands urgent change driven by climate crisis concerns.
Whatever one’s viewpoint, the pace of Energy Transition will be driven by our ability to create diverse alternative energy sources that are reliable and affordable. Today we’ll have a look at some of the alternatives, highlighting both limitations and the exciting potential of new ideas.
3:30PM-5:30PM Speed Career Development
Resume Review/Mock Interview/Networking
The ASEC virtual speed career development segment will allow students the chance to talk one-on-one with industry professionals on how to advance their soft skills and job-searching capabilities. This event will be split up into 3 parts happening concurrently:

Speed Networking Get the chance to speak with an industry professional on how to network effectively and catch recruiters' eyes during networking events.

Speed Mock Interview Get the chance to try out a mock interview, and learn common interview questions and formats with an industry professional.

Speed Resume Review Get the chance to show an industry professional your current resume, and gain a constructive review on how to improve your resume-writing skills.



Alice Reimer

Andrew Dahlin
The ASEC virtual banquet is a celebration of all our sponsors and participants, with an included dinner sponsored by UberEats. It will feature KeyNote speeches from two very remarkable people, Alice Reimer from CDL and Andrew Dahlin from Cenovus Energy. As well, the winners of our two case competitions will be announced during the banquet. Banquet registrants will be entered into a raffle for a cash prize!