The Alberta Student Energy Conference (ASEC) is a two day long conference aimed at stimulating discussion between industry and students with the hope of cultivating new relationships and sharing knowledge.

ASEC seeks ways to showcase new opportunities that arise from the changes in the energy industry. During the month of February, 2021, ASEC will provide students with the opportunity to network and hear from leading professionals in the energy industry about trending topics through a variety of different workshops and sessions.

Objectives for ASEC

  • Build a bridge between students and professionals currently working in the industry by facilitating discussions on the biggest challenges and opportunities faced in the energy industry today
  • Provide opportunities for students to expand their professional networks and gain a better understanding about the multi-disciplinary nature of the energy sector
  • Cultivate a platform to aid students with their professional development and obtain employment opportunities
  • Foster an environment for innovative solutions through hosting a 2 day case competition and a 2 day Hackathon